Model sitting on pillar at beach wearing a Merino Jacquard Sweater in Navy
Model sitting on pillar at beach wearing a Merino Jacquard Sweater in Navy

Layers for every season

Created for generations

Every day we use natural resources to sustain our lives and how we use these resources is a question of ethics. The pursuit of brand value and the ever faster quest for newness has created an industry that is producing volumes of clothing without putting focus on how we treat the people and the planet in the process.

By reshaping the way we design we can create garments that can become the resource for the products and plants of tomorrow, garments that are made for usage, not consumption, that are made with commitment to life and planet. 

Creating a future with more opportunities, not less.


We design our garments so they can become food for new products and plants.

We think about the entire life cycle of our products and examine every decision we make.

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We put product before trend and believe that a well made product can replace many badly made ones.

It requires craftsmanship and patience to design, create and make healthier, safer, longer-lasting products.

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You have the right to know where our products come from, who our partners are, what the impact is and what the ingredients are for making our garments.

We sell directly to you. This way we can invest more in the quality and the health of our product.

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Uncovering Merino d'Arles - PT1

Merino d’Arles: A breed with a rich history that produces more for the region than  the quality yarns for our upcoming products.

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