Merino d'Arles

The Backstory

A product of european heritage

Merino d'Arles

The Product

Our most innovative design yet

Close up with details of the collar of the UNBORN Merino d'Arles Padded vest in medieval blue
art work with text why we exist

By reshaping the way we design we can create garments that can become the resource for the products and plants of tomorrow. Creating a future with more opportunities, not less.

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Dyed Merino wool combed tops

We design our garments so they can become food for new products and plants. We think about the entire life cycle of our products and examine every decision we make.

A close-up shot of the linking process of the panels for the Merino d'Arles Half Zip at Point Tricot.

We put product before trend and believe that a well made product can replace many badly made ones. It requires craftsmanship and patience to design, create and make healthier, safer, longer-lasting products.


You have the right to know where our products come from, who our partners are, and what the ingredients are. We sell directly to you. This way we can invest more in the quality and the health of our product.

Close up of a dark navy merino sweater fabric
UNBORN: The Road to Circularity

April marks our four-year anniversary since our journey began. Revisit our origin story, from the heart of nature to the heart of sustainable innovation.

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Une Narration De La Source

This contemplative short film immerses viewers in the serene and reflective world of a shepherd living in the picturesque valleys of Parc Mercantour.

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Melle Koot sitting on the Herbarium Lounge chair with his Labrador sitting on the side
Healing the planet through design

Meet Melle Koot, a Dutch furniture and interior designer, trained in the Cradle 2 Cradle® methodology. His designs are inspired by stories and values and come to life through exploration.

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Model Wearing Heavy Merino Roll Neck Navy Dunes
A lookbook amidst the elements

Our maiden venture amidst the elemental beauty of Bergen aan Zee, a realm in the North-West of the Netherlands where the serenity of the beach, dunes, and forest converge.

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The Truth, The Chain

You have the right to know where our products come from

Merino d'Arles sheep grazing on a the plains of Vallon the Lauzanier with a backdrop of mountains.