Outdoor close up of Merino Jacquard 1.0


Our planet, our only resource, our opportunities for today.

Every day we use natural resources to sustain our lives and how we use these resources is a question of ethics. The pursuit of brand value and the ever faster quest for newness has created an industry that is producing volumes of clothing without putting focus on how we treat the people and the planet in the process.

An ethic that is impacting our planet, shifting our attention away from the solution and the things that matter most in life.

 Through UNBORN we want to fix the design flaw of the clothing industry. Eliminate waste and create a better world for future generations. We envision a world of perfect harmony between nature and product, of life in balance.

We don’t value the ever faster quest for newness
or the creation of products without commitment to life and planet.
We believe in products that are made for usage, not consumption.
Products that can become a resource for the products and plants of tomorrow. 
We believe that if we own less we can experience more.

We embrace No Waste, Slow Paced, Pure Products. 
We embrace the truth.
We embrace respect for all life.

It is a responsibility we try to take.

It is our way and the only way to create a world with more opportunities, not less.



Dyed Merino wool combed tops


For the creation of our garments we exclusively use healthy, high quality Cradle to Cradle Certified™ materials. Embracing the highest standards of environmental and human safety. From sheep to sweater all harmful substances have been eliminated. Guaranteeing that a product can safely return to nature, keeping all materials in a continuous cycle.

Cradle to Cradle calls this reaching the highest standard of design and expanding the definition of quality. Instead of taking new materials, we borrow them from nature.


We don't value the ever-faster quest for newness. We put product before trend and believe that a well-made product can replace many badly made ones. We create timeless products made for usage, not consumption.

We select high quality natural materials and work with experienced Italian manufacturers. Partners that share our values and understand that it requires patience and craftsmanship to design, create and make healthier, safer, longer-lasting products.

It is our way to pay respect for the recourses we borrow and our responsibility to the users of our products.

A close-up shot of the linking process of the panels for the Merino d'Arles Half Zip at Point Tricot.


To create a circular product is to understand it's provenance. Collaboration and transparency are key, without it we would not exist. We are proud of our partners and show respect where respect is due.

We work to provide full disclosure, giving you the ability to make an informed and conscious decision. You have the right to know where our products come from, what the impact is and what the ingredients are for making our garments.

Innovative production comes at a cost. By eliminating middleman and seasonal sales promotions we can invest more in the quality and the health of our products. Giving you the best value for your investment in a better future, without the traditional retail mark-ups.

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