Our planet, our only resource, our opportunities for today.

Every day we use natural resources to sustain our lives and how we use these resources is a question of ethics. The pursuit of brand value and the ever faster quest for newness has created an industry that is producing volumes of clothing without putting focus on how we treat the people and the planet in the process.

An ethic that is impacting our planet, shifting our attention away from the solution and the things that matter most in life.

 Through UNBORN we want to fix the design flaw of the clothing industry. Eliminate waste and create a better world for future generations. We envision a world of perfect harmony between nature and product, of life in balance.

We don’t value the ever faster quest for newness
or the creation of products without commitment to life and planet.
We believe in products that are made for usage, not consumption.
Products that can become a resource for the products and plants of tomorrow. 
We believe that if we own less we can experience more.

We embrace No Waste, Slow Paced, Pure Products. 
We embrace the truth.
We embrace respect for all life.

It is a responsibility we try to take.

It is our way and the only way to create a world with more opportunities, not less.



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