Size Guide

Before you start please note that all the measurements in the size table are referring to the actual sweater measurements, not your body measurements. This is important as we use your favourite sweater to determine your reference in our size table.


  1. Take a sweater you own that has your favourite fit.
  2. Take the measurements from the 6 points as shown on our drawings.
  3. Reference these to our size table
  4. The one closest to your current garment should be the right fit for you.

Remember we have 10 sizes which you can use to tweak the size to your needs. For example: If your favourite sweater is missing some length then you can use the longer version that will create a better fit.


Before you start making your measurements make sure your sweater is laying on a flat and hard surface. Smoothen out any wrinkles by gently padding on the fabric. If it is still wrinkly let it rest for a moment so the fibres can relax.

Please not that all measurements are made from the front side of the sweater.

Point A: Half Chest

Measure 1 cm (0,4inches) below the armpit and go straight across the chest, from one side to the other

Point B: Half Waist

Measure the sweater half way between the arm pits and the bottom hem and go from one end straight to the other.

Point C: Bottom Hem

Measure the sweater from the bottom hem and go from one end straight to the other.

Point D: Shoulder

Measure the shoulders by starting at the top of the shoulder seam and go from one end straight to the other.

Point E: Length

Measure from the highest point of the shoulder just outside the collar on the neck and go straight down to the bottom of the sweater.

Point F: Sleeve

From the centre of the neck, measure straight across to the outside edge of the shoulder (Half-length of point D: shoulder). Then go down the top of the sleeve to the bottom of the cuff.

You are now ready to select your size! Collect all your measurements and reference them against our size table and tweak your fit where you feel this is needed.