Pilo No. 2 Fabric Shaver

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Keep your wool sweater looking new with The Steamery's Fabric Shaver. Pilling is inevitable, but Pilo makes it easy to remove. This efficient and portable tool is your sweater's best friend. Its six precision blades make it stronger and more efficient than other fabric shavers on the market. Pilo 2 Fabric Shaver removes lint and pilling from all types of wool garments. Simply place your garment on a flat surface, gently swipe the nozzle over the fabric, and voila! Say goodbye to pills and hello to a refreshed wardrobe.

Pro tip: Be gentle and let Pilo do the work - pressing too hard may cause irreparable damage to the wool fibres of your garment and lead to even more pilling.
  • Gentle and works perfectly on all kinds of wool, cashmere, merino and alpaca
  • Do not press the machine against the fabric, but gently sweep it over the garment.
  • Pilo 2 has twice as many razor blades and a larger shaving area, making the shaving even more efficient. It is also easier to clean from fuzz.
  • Easy to clean and remove fuzz
  • Comes with a USB-C Charging Cord and Cleaning Brush
  • Shaving Time: 2 hours
  • Battery Charging Time: 2,5 hours
  • Motor speed: 9000 rotations/min
  • Weight: 152 g
  • Dimensions: 67x67x93 mm
  • Power: 5W