An industrial Stoll knitting machine at Knitwealab with cradle to cradle certified Arkaba Merino wool yarns

Knitwear Lab Almere, The Netherlands

KNITWEAR LAB is a Dutch innovation center for industrial knitwear that was founded in 2014 and has been involved with UNBORN ever since we got introduced to the world through our 2020 crowdfunding campaign.

At their workshop in Almere Netherlands they currently have 6 state-of-the-art Stoll ADF knitting machines, ranging from gauge 3 to gauge 18, which they push to the limits on a wide range of projects. The focus of their projects is on renewing and researching industrial knitwear, which can range from clothing and shoes to medical and technical applications.

They currently employ a staff of 13 people and provide a platform to further educate young people and on the possibility of industrial knitwear and the solutions it offers for the pollution in the textile industry

two Stoll ADF knitting machines at Knitwearlab
Stoll knitting yarn feeders at Knitwearlab
Stoll knitting machine at Knitwearlab
Close up of Stoll ADF knitting machine at Knitwearlab
Stoll ADF knitting machine at Knitwearlab
Top view of Stoll ADF knitting machine at Knitwearlab