White and pink hanks of Merino wool on metal rods being mechanically transported into the drying oven.

Dyeing, Tintoria Ferraris, Biella, Italy

Tintoria Ferraris, officially known as Finissaggio e Tintoria Ferraris, is a notable dyehouse located in the Biella region of Italy. Established in the early 1960s by Francesco Ferraris, the company initially focused on finishing services for third parties. Francesco, with a wealth of experience from his tenure as the chief of the Lanifici Rivetti finishing company, recognized an opportunity to develop a finishing business serving other companies when Lanifici Rivetti decided to dismantle its finishing department in 1964.

Over the years, Tintoria Ferraris has evolved significantly, embracing innovation and expanding its services. The company now includes a dyeing plant in Benna, employing around 150 people. It has become a key player in the textile industry, known for its expertise in dyeing and finishing textile products of all types and compositions. Their processes include classic dyeing techniques, raising, non-shrink treatments on wool, and three types of printing, among others. The company prides itself on its ability to serve customers across the global textile supply chain, always with a focus on sustainability, quality, and innovation​

Industrial worker walking through the industrial hals of the Tintoria Ferraris dyeing facility
A tank used for dyeing of hanks.
A close-up of the metal rods used for hanging the hanks for drying.
Undyed Merino wool bumps being fed into the wool coming and blending machine
Close up of blue dyed hanks resting on a metal frame.
A close up shot of blue dyed Merino wool bumps at the Tintoria Ferraris facility
Grey-coloured hanks resting and drying on metal rods.
Undyed bumps of Merino wool stored and awaiting dyeing.
A look-through shot into the dyeing facility of Tintoria Ferraris with Merino Wool bumps in storage.
A robot arm filling bottles with dye colors in a lab installation at Tintoria Ferraris.
Close-up of bottles filled with dye colours on a table in the coloring lab of Tintoria Ferraris.
Wide shot of dyed and undyed bumps of Meirno wool and cashmere in storage at the Tintoria Ferraris dyeing facility
A brand new water purification installation outside the Tintoria Ferraris dyeing facility.
 A reservoir of purified water at the Tintoria Ferraris facility.
A water silo adorned with "Vico a colori" and vibrant purple and orange hues painted across the facility of Tintoria Ferraris.
An electronic board displaying the amount of kWh generated and CO2 saved since installation at the facility of Tintoria Ferraris.