A shepherd guiding her Merino d'Arles sheep into a pen for shearing.

Merino d'Arles Breeder, Grans, Bouches-du-Rhône, France

Nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Bouches-du-Rhône, Amelie, a breeder and shepherd part of the 'Circle de Qualité,' resides in Grans during winter where she is surrounded by rolling hills and fertile plains. We visited Amelie in March and have an interview in the works that we plan to post in the coming months. The interview contains information that would fit well here, but as befits a good shepherd, everything will be done in good time.

A shepherd tending to her flock of Merino d'Arles sheep in a rural pasture.
A shearer in the morning sun, preparing to take the first sheep from the pen for shearing.
Person leaning on the fence of a sheep pen.
Three shearers at their stations shearing a sheep from the Merino d'Arles breed.
A shearer shearing a Merino d'Arles sheep
Close up of a shearer shearing a sheep
A women throwing a wool fleece on a sorting table with a rural land as backdrop
A shepherd and wool trader inspecting the quality of Merino d'Arles wool fleece on a sorting table
A shepherd patiently waiting with a Merino d'Arles sheep nestled between her legs, ready to be shorn.
Faraway view of shepherd carrying shorn Merino d'Arles sheep fleece
A group examines the fiber quality of a fleece around a sorting table.
A person manually stamping wool in a bale to compress it.
A shearer shearing a sheep in the morning sun
A close up of Merino d'Arles sheep looking into the camera.
Close up of Merino d'Arles fleeces resting in a bale
Close-up of a person inspecting the fleece of a Merino d'Arles sheep to assess fiber quality.
Close-up of a man placing a shorn fleece from a Merino d'Arles sheep into a bale.
Close Up of a wool bale being closed
A man rolling a full bale of wool with a rural environment in the backdrop.