A wide shot of Merino wool and cashmere tops being fed into the combing machine at the ARA facility.

Spinning Facility, ARA, Biela, Italy

Founded in 1954, Filatura ARA has been a cornerstone of Italy's textile industry for decades. What began as a subcontractor for yarn production has evolved into a renowned name in the intimate knitwear sector, boasting a legacy of quality and innovation.

Maintaining a commitment to quality, Filatura ARA carefully oversees every aspect of production. While production is entrusted to external companies in the Biella area, crucial operations such as yarn blending, raw material selection, and product control remain within the company's purview. This ensures that each yarn meets the highest standards of excellence.

In 2015, Filatura ARA unveiled a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to small and very small batches of high-quality yarns. Equipped with advanced machinery and expertise garnered from years experience, this facility enables the production of yarns with exceptional precision and consistency. One of the hallmarks of Filatura ARA's operations is its versatility in small-scale machinery which has been pivotal for our Merino d'Arles development.

At Filatura ARA, tradition meets innovation. Quality, sustainability and craftmanship are at the heart of what they do and what defines Made in Italy.

A close-up of a spinning frame at the ARA spinning facility, with combed wool tops in the background.
Wide shot of the ARA spinning facility with barrels of combed wool and cashmere tops resting.
A wide shot of wool and cashmere tops resting at the ARA facility.
A close-up shot of a tops combing machine at the ARA spinning facility.
A technician from ARA working on the spinning machine to demonstrate the spinning process.
A wide shot of the ARA facility warehouse with forklift and empty wooltops storage barrels.
A close-up of Merino wool and cashmere tops resting at the ARA facility.
Navy-coloured wool tops being spun on a spinning machine.
Close up of a spinning machine at the ARA facility
A wide shot of combed Merino wool tops at the ARA spinning facility.
Wide shot of the ARA facility